Crisis Nursery Helps Working Parents On Snow Day

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- It may be a snow day for several local daycare centers, but that's not the case for Motherhouse Crisis Nursery.

That's why many parents look to the 24-hour nursery for help.

"We're you know a crisis-based program so when we get those extra calls we have to weigh them against what we're already dealing with, " says supervisor Robin Carlson.

It's a tough call for Carlson. She says she tries to take in as many young kids as she can, but space is always limited.

That's because Motherhouse provides emergency child care for families who are going through tough times, which could be money problems or homelessness.

Even the weather is considered an emergency. Some parents have no other option when they have to go to work. .

"It could be a crisis because you know if they didn't go to work, they could get fired, that would effect their financial status and their family, " Carlson says.

That's something Carlson and other volunteers hope to prevent.

"Fortunately we don't close, other businesses and things close, because there are those families that do really need us."

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