Crews Working to Fill Potholes

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STATELINE (WIFR) – Now that the snow is starting to melt in some area, it’s only the beginning of bigger problems for our city streets. Workers are already getting complaints about potholes plaguing our roads.

It’s been another long day for crews who had to switch from salting roads this morning to filling potholes earlier this afternoon. Since some snow has melted, we’re starting to see more potholes pop up in our roads. While there’s been some complaints already, streets superintendent Mark Stockman says it’s only the beginning.

“Our numbers are very low right now compared to some for the years where we’ve been well up over four or five hundred requests so it’s early yet, it’s hard to tell where we’re going to be at a month to two months from now,” said Stockman.

Stockman says crews try to fill potholes as soon as possible, however salting roads has been the top priority recently.

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