Couple Celebrates 67 Years

OREGON (WIFR) -- A local man and woman who got married in the 1940's are celebrating their 67th wedding anniversary this week. The couple says they wouldn't have changed a thing.

We were meant for each other and that is all."

At 93 years old, Earl Cole still knows how to make his wife, Irene smile.

"If I had 66 years I would still want you, isn't that sweet?," said Earl.

It's a smile that hasn't come off their faces since the two fell in love in 1945.

Irene, former a nurse, met earl at a military hospital. Some would call it love at first sight.

"I had a cast over my body she could only see my eyes and my mouth," Earl said.

Irene says was fond of Earl's photo, which sat near his hospital bed.

"He was good looking I think he still is, I’m still pretty," said Irene.

Now 67 years later, he two couldn't picture life without each other.

We take care of each other and we kind of care about each other and if we put it together we can make it go"

The couple says they have never had a serious fight. "I have gotten upset a time or two but he didn't know it," said Irene.

The two had eight children together and still managed to work through hard times.

"We just knew we would be together," the couple said.

The couple says the best advice they can give to us is not to sweat the small stuff and put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

Earl sent a hand written letter to 23 News. He tells us he was so excited to share his story that he was going to personally deliver the note.

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