Cooler Weather Affecting Summer Crops

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STATELINE (WIFR) – Some sellers at our local farmers’ markets say they can see the effects of the weather this year on their produce.

Farmers and gardeners at the Edgebrook Farmer’s Market say planting was already delayed this year due to how late spring started. Then the continuous rain has kept everything pretty moist, leaving little times for plants to actually start growing. One Freeport farmer says the cooler weather is especially delaying tomatoes and sweet corn right now.

“It’s always different, you know, and so we have to be ready. And some things do well and some things don’t do so well. Some things like okra for example, like hot, dry weather, but they’ll do okay because it changes, it always changes,” said Freeport farmer Phil Bardell.

Bardell says he likes this weather better than too much heat. A few years ago, he lost some crops due to too many hot days.

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