Contractors Help Dry Out Stateline

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – As much as a lot of us would like this snow to melt, it seems to have happened a little too fast this weekend. Right now, area rivers are coming out of their banks; the rain is also forcing some homeowners to scoop water out of their basements.

Scenes like this are common all across the Stateline as the water just has no place to go. Jim Goebel with “Goebel Waterproofing Systems” says he has received close to 50 calls today about flooding in basements. Though he says simple tasks like making sure our sump-pump is working correctly and proper drainage around your house can help keep your basement dry.

“Make sure your downspouts are clean, clear and water is being diverted away from the house. Diversion is a big part of water proofing. When water starts coming in and cannot be contained, that's when it is time to call professional help,” said Goebel.

Just a heads up, we’ve gotten quite a few alerts from local cities and counties to steer clear of certain areas. You can find them listed on our website.

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