Consumer Reports Ranks U.S. Hospitals on Surgeries

NATIONWIDE (WIFR) -- A new report finds well known hospitals may not always be the safest for surgery.

Consumer Reports rated the surgical care at nearly 25,000 hospitals across the country.Some of the nation's top hospitals fell short of many small hospitals when it came to complications and overall quality of care.

Dr. John Santa, Consumer Reports Medical Director, says the report used medicare claims and clinical records from 86 kinds of surgery.

Some big name hospitals that received low ratings questioned the methods of how the data was collected and compiled.

"No data is perfect, it has its limitations but we think it's important for consumers to know that there is this variation and that they need to get information, ask questions and do everything they can to have the best result when they are having surgery that they are electing to have. That they are choosing to have," Santa said.

Here's how our local hospitals stack up. Beloit Health System has the best surgery rating. All other hospitals in Southern Wisconsin, Freeport, Dixon and Rockford have average or above average rates. Kishwaukee Community Hospital in DeKlab was below average.

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