Construction Kicks Off for Reclaiming First Project

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – A major project is underway and it could bring millions of dollars in revenue to the Stateline.

Athletes from across the nation could be competing here in Rockford, once a multi-million dollar project is complete. Now, we've learned the plan is getting even more funding as the first construction phase begins.

Lacrosse may not be a mainstream sport, but Robert White is pushing to grow his Rockford Razorbacks in a Stateline that lacks Lacrosse Teams in high schools with help from the Rockford Park District and the Reclaiming First Initiative. White thinks he’s in a good position.

“You fell like you’re out there, just reaching, trying to get kids to come and to have the recognition to be invited by the Park District knowing they’re going to put fields out here, gives your sport a little legitimacy and that people recognize it for what it is. Instead of “the guys running around with the sticks,” we’re lacrosse players now and that’s what we want to be known as and for our sport to be known.”

Those “guys with the sticks” will soon be running around a $30 million dollar facility. The first phase of the project includes improvements to outdoor fields, stadiums, parking, and concessions. There will also be a major expansion to the indoor sports center, adding more three soccer fields under roof.

“Our citizens are going to have some unbelievable facilities right here in their own backyard to play on and enjoy and our businesses are going to enjoy significant additional tourism business on a year-round basis.”

As for White’s lacrosse team, players’ parents would also like to see growth where it badly needs it.

“It’s going to give more opportunities for some different sports, but I think , as everybody’s talked about, definitely bring in more tourism dollars, bring in more visitors and that’s only going o help create more jobs around here which we obviously need.”

Organizers plan to finish Sportscore 2 in early 2016.

Construction on a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art soccer stadium is set to begin soon. A special new artificial turf field will be installed. Organizers are hoping to get Sportscore on the river approved within the next couple of months.

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