Construction Causing Confusion

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- We can expect delays at almost any construction zone, but Rockford Police say if drivers would just obey the law traffic would flow much smoother.

The signs are clear, no turns at the intersection of North Main and Auburn streets, but police say drivers keep breaking that law.

"We've been out there in force for the last two weeks and written a lot of citations," Lt. Pat Hoey, said.

Not only do turning drivers tie up traffic, they could also cause potentially deadly accidents.

"I saw construction crews working just a couple feet from my car where I was stopped, they were jackhammering and ripping up cement, so it's all about safety,” Lt. Hoey, said.

So police are pulling over drivers who make those illegal turns, slapping them with a $75 ticket.
To avoid the intersection many drivers turn into neighborhoods along North Main and Auburn, but police say that's caused another problem.

"They don't really obey the traffic signs, and they miss the stop sign sometimes," Resident Elly Swanson, said.

Swanson is a mother of three kids under the age of five. She's noticed the increased traffic and worries about the cars speeding down her street.

"Kids don't always know that they should stay away from the street so if they're flying by something bad could happen," she said.

To make sure nothing bad does happen officers are now patrolling those neighborhoods as well.

"So if we're not right there at the intersection watching for the turns and the cell phone use, we're in the neighborhoods monitoring the speeds," Lt. Hoey, said.

Officers are also watching for people texting and talking on their phones. Remember it's illegal to use them in construction zones.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – The signs are clearly marked, but drivers keep breaking the law. Even though the sign at the intersection of North Main and Auburn says no turns, drivers and police say not everyone is paying attention to it and if you’re one of those drivers trying to make that illegal turn, it’s going to cost you.

Rockford officers have been patrolling the intersection, pulling over drivers making those illegal turns, and handing out tickets. They’re also on the lookout for drivers talking or texting on their cell phones in the construction zone. Police have given out quite a few tickets in the last two weeks as not only does making those illegal turns tie up traffic, it’s also a safety concerning for those working on the roadway.

“I went through there this morning, early in the morning, and there were construction crews right there working just a couple feet from my car, ripping up cement, jackhammering and all that so it’s all about safety,” said Pat Hoey with the Rockford Police Department.

Officers suggest staying away from the intersection if you can avoid it. One of those tickets will set you back $75.
People who live along Harlem and Cumberland have also complained about people speeding down those roads after going through the construction zone, so police are also patrolling those areas.

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