Confiscated Guns Melted Down

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Dozens of guns are already off the streets. Today Behr Iron and Metal melted down a bunch of them confiscated from criminals.

The guns range from handguns to AK-47's and were confiscated by the Woodstock Police Department. In order to render the firearms useless, the guns have to be cut in a particular way. Once they're all melted down, the scrap metal will be recycled and could even end up in a brand new Dodge Dart. A Behr spokesman tells us it's not pro-gun or anti-gun, it's anti-crime.

“They have to do something with these guns. It’s either going to go to the landfill and be buried, or it’s going to be recycled. In this case, recycling is your best option,” said Behr Senior Account Representative, Jim Barbagallo.

Behr has been helping local police departments, the DEA, and the ATF destroy illegally used guns for years

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