Concerned Citizens of Rockford Addresses Growing Tax Issue in Illinois

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- As lawmakers continue to look for ways to fix the state's $45 billion dollar deficit, a local group is calling for change.

Concerned Citizens of Rockford is holding a meeting on Tuesday to address Governor Pat Quinn's income tax increase proposal. The president of the United Tax Payers will explain what that means for us, and also talk about local issues. President Jim Novak says property taxes are at the top of the list and worries the high rates are keeping people and businesses away.

"People can not afford to buy a house that should go up in value and there's no jobs and income to provide that benefit for them to buy. So the value of a house in Rockford is going to continuously go down until we get a progressive job market in the city," says Novak.

The meeting is on Tuesday, April 1st at the Cora Maria in Rockford. The address is 3330 Maria Linden Dr. Rockford.

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