Compliance Checks Coming Up for Area Alcohol Retailers

FREEPORT (WIFR) -- Over the next several months, area law enforcement agencies will be conducting compliance checks among businesses licensed to sell alcoholic beverages in the Freeport community.

Retailers were previously notified by letter about the upcoming compliance checks and a retailer training on how to serve alcohol responsibly – Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training, or BASSET – was offered to all retailers in 2012.

Law enforcement will follow standard procedures for conducting alcohol compliance checks. Underage youth will work with law enforcement to attempt to make an illegal purchase of alcohol. Area businesses that will be checked will hopefully refuse to sell to underage buyers who are working with law enforcement.

Through its Partnerships for Success grant, the FHN Family Counseling Center is implementing strategies such as alcohol compliance checks and party patrols in partnership with the Illinois State Police and the Freeport Police Department in an effort to reduce underage drinking in the Freeport community.

Compliance checks are conducted because research has shown that they are an effective strategy in reducing underage drinking. Underage drinking contributes to car crashes, injuries, unwanted sexual encounters, vandalism, theft, addiction, sexually transmitted diseases, and death by alcohol poisoning. By themselves, compliance checks will not eliminate youth access to alcohol, but when combined with a comprehensive community approach, they can help keep alcohol out of the hands of youth.

For more information on Partnerships for Success, contact Sharon Mockridge at the FHN Family Counseling Center, 815-599-7344.

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