Company Moving to Roscoe, Bringing New Jobs

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ROSCOE (WIFR) -- A company moving from Harvard to Roscoe is bringing most of its workers and at least 20 new jobs in the short term.

All World Machinery Supply Inc. is moving to Roscoe. They’ll be building a new facility on a plot of open land off of Willowbrook Road near I-90. The company considered taking its business out of state, however decided to stay in the Stateline after being offered a package that included over a million dollars in tax breaks over 5 years. Those tax breaks only kick in however if the company does one thing.

“We have to hire people. We have to create jobs. The incentives are there for us but we have to do our due diligence and create jobs to hit some of those numbers which is a win-win for everybody,” said David Koepp with All Machinery Supply Inc.

The company hopes to start building next month and be all moved in by December. Even when they move in, the company still plans to expand and build onto the facility over the next few years and hire even more people.

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