Companies Hiring More Truck Drivers

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – With a high unemployment rate in the Stateline, more people are hitting the road for truck driving jobs and they may not have trouble landing a position due to the high demand for drivers.

Tim Treado says he can’t wait to get behind the wheel of a truck like this and hit the open road. Treado currently works part time at a convenient store in Oregon and says he needs something more to support his family.

“Keeping a roof over our heads and food on our table can sometimes be a bigger job than it sounds like so I was wanting to find something a lot more stable that I could depend on.”

Treado is just one of several people attending the transportation job fair, hosted by the Spirit CDL truck driving school in Belvidere. Recruiters say there’s a growing demand for qualified drivers across the Stateline.
“More of a demand now because a lot of the baby boomers are retiring and so you’re losing a lot of good truck drivers that have been doing it a long time,” said recruiter Paul Johnson.

Paul Johnson is a recruiter with RL Leek in Rockford. He has 80 drivers on the road and say she’d like to hire twenty more by the end of 2014, but Johnson says filling those positions isn’t easy.

Truckers have it really tough. They’re away from their families, they have to work ungodly hours. It’s lot of work for them and they don’t realize how much work to do.”

No matter how difficult it is to be a truck driver, Treado says he’s in it for the long haul.

Recruiters say they’re expecting this growing demand of truck drivers to continue throughout the year. I’m told they’re also seeing more women applying for jobs.

Truck driving training courses can cost up to $3,500 at places like RVC’s truck driving school. There are also courses available at Highland Community College in Freeport.

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