Community Survey Asks About Cuts

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Right now, money is also the focus in the North Boone school district, as it anticipates more than a million dollar budget deficit.

North Boone is turning to the community. Administrators put a survey on their website on Wednesday, asking for suggestions of where to make cuts. So far they've received more than 50 responses.

Some of the questions ask if people would support fee increases, extracurricular cuts, and spending down the current fund balance.

That option would leave the district without any reserves, in just a few years. The survey also asks about grade restructuring and school closures. A few elementary schools could close.

"I think there's a plan out there that allows us to spread out the reductions equally across the district, not affect just one set of students,” said school board president, don ward.

North Boone says this is a projected deficit because they're expected to get even less money from the state for their 2013-2014 budget. Over the past three years, they've lost more than a million dollars in state aid.

The money from the sales tax referendum on the April ballot can only be used to help reduce taxes from bonds or for school building improvements. It can’t be used for whatever the district chooses.

To fill out the survey yourself, you can find it here.

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