Community Reacts to Shooting in Beloit

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BELOIT (WIFR) -- Summit Park sits empty and quiet on Sunday not even 24 hours following a triple shooting that left one man dead and another clining to life.

And it's not the first time there's been crime in this park.

In June, Patricia Wiggins and her family were threatened by a man with a gun while at the park while remembering her son, Jeffrey Hardnett, another one of Beloit's murder victims.

"It's devastating," said Wiggins. "It's very devastating. I thought that after my son was shot and killed, that the violence kinda quited and died down a little bit and it spurred back up again."

Hardnett was shot and killed in May, less than a mile away from the park on Hull Avenue.

Community leaders like Reverend Keith Stamper are trying to teach kids at a younger age to stay on the right path.

"They're not understanding the meaning of life and how much more life they have left to live," said Stamper. "The first thing they want to do is react with violence or gun violence. The little decisions that these young people are making is just hurtful."

And just like Saturday night's shooting in Summit Park, Hardnett's killer is still on the loose.

"This isn't a good feeling," Wiggins said. "Our kids are supposed to bury us, we're not suppsed to be burying our kids at these young ages. My son was 25 and my heart goes out to the families that are suffering right now because I'm still hurt as if it happened yesterday to me."

Beloit Strong is holding a free concert at Summit Park August 13th in an effort to bring the community together.

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