Community Helps Out Man and His Dog

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The community unites to help a homeless man and his dog.

"He has filled my heart with the warmness of my child that I lost. And that's what he is to me. My baby."

Walter Taylor was homeless, living under the Whitman Street bridge last year when he says he saw someone throw a puppy into the water.

"I jumped in the Rock River and saved him," said Taylor. "I don't know how to swim!"

That bravery has struck a cord with a lot of people here in the stateline who have watched Taylor and his dog Justice fight to survive, sometimes with Taylor feeding the dog before himself.

"Me being the animal lover that I am, you know, I really would like to see Walter and Justice have a very merry Christmas," said Pam Jaworowski. "So I created a facebook page for him."

More than one hundred and fifty took to that page to help. One local landlord even offered Walter and Justice a place to live for low rent.

"It is a scary decision to make if it's alone, but if there's other people gathering around and rallying, it really becomes just a beautiful blessing of a gift," said landlord Greg Smith.

Another person rallying behind Walter and Justice is 7-year-old Moriah Markuson, who together with her "Lend a Hand" club donated many essentials for the man and his best friend.

"I have gave him dog beds," said Markuson. "I have gave him food. I have gave him treatments for the dog. I have gave him a new bike. I have gave him so many things."

Walter said he feels blessed by all the support he and his four-legged friend have received, and now has more dog treats than he knows what to do with.

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