Community Gets Look at Aging Schools

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The Rockford Public School District has been talking about its bond referendum for months now, but today it showed the community why they should vote yes on next month's ballot.

The tour stopped at several schools and some of the sights were pretty shocking.

The first stop was Kishwaukee Elementary School where we saw crumbling walls and some water damaged ceilings. There's also issues with the playground, that's on a main road, where there's crime. The next stop was Nelson, where kids use the same space for gym and lunch. One parent on the tour couldn't believe what she saw.

"The fact that they could get any teacher to work under those conditions much less make kids endure in classrooms with plaster falling rugs being held down by tape, outdated heating and air, air conditioning non-existent," said Jenna LaFave, a District 205 Parent.

The schools do not have central air and few classrooms have air conditioners.

If people vote yes for this referendum, they're allowing the school district to take out $139 million in bonds. The district will then use that money to pay for the first half of its 10-year-facilities plan, which is to improve all of its school buildings within 10 years. Also, taxes will not go up because the district would replace retiring bonds with these new ones.

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