Community Engagement Initiative Aims to Stop Bullying in Low Income Areas

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- One initiative is making sure children understand the importance of being nice to one another through the use of arts and crafts. Today kids at Rockford's Fairgrounds Housing Complex created arts and crafts as a way to learn about bullying, and how to prevent it.

The University of Illinois College of Medicine, the Rockford Housing Authority and the Rockford Health Council are pairing up to promote healthier lifestyles in low income areas. It's part of the active community engagement initiative. Today, they taught kids how to recognize bullying and what actions they can take to stop it. The arts and crafts were used as props to help kids actively recognize the issue.

"It's not a boring bullying event. It's an active, interactive event for children to learn about resources and tools to help them and their families, as well as their peers," says Sheila Chang, Univ. of Illinois Med student.

Rockford Health Council members say the Fairgrounds Complex has the greatest need for children to learn about nonviolence, as it remains one of the highest crime areas in Rockford.

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