ComEd Tree Trimming

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Today’s nice weather allowed ComEd to hit area streets and continue with their spring trimming.

"To see them out here getting this taken care of is a plus because we have had power lines down in some of these alleys and these guys are really working hard our here now, and I am glad to see it,” said Rockford resident Christopher.

Sights and sounds like these continue to be welcomed by residents across the Stateline. Unfortunately, trees that grow near power lines can be dangerous and cause power outages. In fact, the number one reason for power outages across the Stateline is tree interaction. To improve electric service, safety, and reliability ComEd tree trimming crews work all year long clearing areas along the lines. When it comes to major trimming, you might not see crews every year.

"Trimming them on a four year cycle. So every four years we are going back and clearing the complete electric line and making sure there is the correct clearance for safety and reliability,” said ComEd External Affairs Manager Paul Callighan.

ComEd is trained and follows trimming techniques from Tree Line USA, which is recognized by the National Arbor Day Foundation. Despite some trees looking unappealing after trimming, the process is in the best interest for not only the trees health, but also future power line problems. Many problems that are caused by planting the wrong trees.

"The problem there is we have had a tree, that is planted at the wrong place. It is the wrong type of tree in the wrong location."
While ComEd keeps trees trimmed around their poles, individual lines connecting to a house are a homeowners responsibility.
"Those are coming across private property and not areas where we have easement rights."

ComEd recommends giving them a call five business days in advance before trimming on your own so they can get the power turned off for safety.
The trimmings are then turned into mulch which can be picked up for free at the city yards.

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