College Expo Helps Special Needs Students

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Families from all over the Stateline are finding out there are options when it comes to sending their children with intellectual disabilities to college.

Over 250 students and families attended today's college expo in Rockford. They learned about a number of college programs for special needs students, programs many parents didn't even know existed. Seven schools from the region were on hand. Programs like this are fairly new and organizers say today's event was all about teaching the potential students that they can go to college.

“Many kids don't think that they can go to college because they have not had those opportunities or their parents didn't go to college but today's event is to help rise awareness and let them know that it's doable, it's local enough. And we will be able to get more kids to really have that life experience and that desire they have really wanted to have for so long,” said Sheri White, Supervisor for the Northern Illinois Association.

Organizers say today's expo was such a success they plan making it an annual event.

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