Cold Spring Delays Gardening

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Rockford--(WIFR) Now that the warmer weather seems to be sticking around, many of us are finally heading to area greenhouses to start our spring planting.

"I can't wait to start mowing once the grass comes up," Rockford resident Sherry Block said. Thoughts many of us have across the Stateline as the final piles of snow melt away.

Weeks behind last year, signs of spring are finally showing up. Flowers are blooming giving many Spring Fever. "Our customers have been coming in, they are real excited. Due to the weather and the unforeseen cold temperatures they are not sure if they can plant," Rock Valley Garden Center President David Ott said.

Valid concerns as freezing temperatures are normal through the end of April. Despite the cold weather, there are still things that you can start planting now. "Pansies if you are looking for color. Possibly soon you can start planting cold weather crops such as cabbage, broccoli, and those kind of plants,” said Ott.

Ott says it is still too early to plant tender annuals and most vegetables. Those can be planted towards the end of the month once the chance of frost is gone.

Spring isn't just a time for planting; it’s also a time for outside building. “A lot of contractors coming into the store, trying to quote out different projects they have going on,” Home Depot employee Nick Zepeda said.

Due to many projects being delayed from ice and snow, Rockford home improvement stores are expecting a busier than normal spring time. The cold weather has also delayed the bug population from emerging. While this is good news for many, it has left birds struggling to find food.

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