City of Rockford Working to Tackle Pothole Problems

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Our bumpy commute is expected to get much worse. Right now, city crews are filling hundreds of potholes a day and that number is expected to rise next month as our roads begin to thaw.

It seems like we can’t drive anywhere in Rockford without having to dodge more than a few potholes and that has many Stateline drivers wondering is anything being done to cover these craters.

“I know the snow and the cold and the warm and the cold makes the road pop up in the seams and stuff but that’s what we pay taxes for , to be able to drive down these roads not hit holes like this and tear up your car.”

We found a pair of city workers filling in patches along 11th street, one stretch of road drivers say has been a nightmare this winter.

“I think they’re horrible here, 11th Street has the worst potholes in Rockford. Right now, I hit one the other day and it made me lose control and go toward the curb.”

Workers say they filled about 90 potholes before noon and there’s five patching trucks spread across the city.

“We got to the most traveled paths we have and we will fill potholes any day we don’t have snow,” says Public Works Director Tim Hanson.
Hanson says crews can only throw a band-aid on the craters until the weather warms up.

“When we start getting the asphalt plants open at the end of April, you’ll start seeing a hot patch that goes in there that’s a little bit more permanent.”

Drivers say the city needs to do whatever it takes to keep our streets smooth.

“Just fill ‘em, just fill the potholes.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the worst of it. When the ground begins to thaw and shift during mid-March, that’s when even more potholes are expected to crop up.

The Department of Public Works does plan to bring in extra crews this spring to help with the patch work.

You can report a pothole online or by calling 815-987-5771. If your car gets damaged by a pothole, you may be able to get the city to pay for the damage if the pothole was previously reported to the city. You can find more information about filing a claim with the city in the related links section.

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