City of Rockford Seeing More Gang Graffiti

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – The City of Rockford says gangs are tagging more buildings with graffiti.

The Public Works Department says year to date, it’s seen a more than 20% increase in graffiti cases and say most of that graffiti is done by gangs. Workers paint over the markings but they can’t when it’s cold so crews have been busy catching up on areas like the Morgan Street Bridge within two days.

"You don't want any gangs that are tagging neighborhoods, homes, any areas that you have out there. You'll have rival gangs that will come back and do that. You know once you start seeing that stuff you don't want the gangs to take over those territories."

If you see anything that’s been tagged, the city is asking us to call the graffiti hotline at 815-961-3243. When reporting graffiti to the hotline, please provide the address of the defaced building, structure or property.

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