City of Rockford Reminds Public About Municipal Parking

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The City of Rockford provides approximately 4,800 free time restricted and untimed parking spaces throughout the City. Many of these spaces are located in Downtown Rockford, the Midtown District and Broadway Business District.

Visitors to the downtown and other business districts are encouraged to use the on street and various parking lots, but are reminded, per City Ordinance parking time restrictions and enforcement are in effect Monday through Friday until 5:00pm to help ensure open spaces throughout the system. Visitors wanting to be downtown for longer time lengths are reminded that hourly paid parking is now available in all City parking decks west of the river. All City owned parking lots and on-street parking, not in use for special events, are free and unrestricted Monday thru Friday after 5:00pm, on weekends and holidays.

The City of Rockford would like to thank everyone who uses the municipal parking system and reminds them to watch for parking restrictions signs, which can change as new businesses and parking needs develop.

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