City of Freeport to Demolish Vacant Homes

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FREEPORT (WIFR) – The City of Freeport plans to curb crime by demolishing vacant homes.

A home on South Miami Avenue is the first of a dozen properties that will be torn down over the next few months. The city argues abandoned homes breed crime, saying if a neighborhood looks neglected, crooks start to get the wrong idea.
Mayor Jim Gitz says that’s not always the case.

“We will be about a very comprehensive program of community redevelopment in hopes that we can turn a corner not just simply in some neighborhoods, but all neighborhoods in the city of Freeport.”

At least 50 more properties will be torn down. If there’s one in your neighborhood that worries you, give the city a call at 815-235-8202 or 815-599-5807 or visit the city’s

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