City To Demolish More Condemned Homes

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There are hundreds of condemned homes in Rockford, yet some of them are on the fast track to be demolished this week. The city is working to get rid of homes homeowners call an eyesore in their neighborhood.

"The houses over here has been pretty bad."

Condemed homes are a common sight among Blaisdell Street on Rockford's West Side. Just ask Joann Trammell, who lives next door to this one she says has sat empty for years.

"My property value has gone down drastically, over the last several years, so it's hurting, it's hurting a lot of the homeowners around here," said Trammell.

There are three condemned homes on Trammell's block alone and she says a few other were torn down earlier this month. The city says they only have enough money to demolish about one hundred homes.

"One neighbor says this home on Bremer Street was condemned last fall. It's one of nearly a dozen homes to be demolished by the city soon. City workers say construction should start this week."

Only one of the empty homes on Trammell's block is on that demo list.

"It's posing a place for some illegal activity to go on, or even for children to get hurt in, then it needs to come down. If some of the homes are torn down I'd rather see new houses put there, but so far I just see vacant lots everywhere," said Trammell.

This home on Catlin Street in the orchid neighborhood will also come down. Some homeowners in that area have transformed the eyesores into a garden, that's helping the community grow.

City workers say there's still several groups of homes to be demolished, that list still needs to be approved by City Council in the next few weeks. The city says they've demolished about fifteen homes so far this year.

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