City Drivers Brave the Elements

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The stretch of strange weather continues today across the Stateline. A wet, snowy morning will soon turn into a bitterly cold night. This will go down as one of the biggest snowfalls this season. Although t that doesn't mean much, with the winter we've had. Winnebago County had all 24 of its trucks out salting and plowing, which should make those of us who have to drive tonight, feel a bit better since roads could turn pretty slick.

Starting around 9:30 this morning, 23 plow and salt trucks hit Rockford streets to clean things up. Now the issue at hand is, how icy are the roads going to get as the temperature continues to fall.

Anthony Jiacomazzo has been plowing city streets for five years. He says the hard part isn’t driving the truck, it’s putting up with other drivers who have a hard time sharing the road, driving too slow or too fast, and not getting out of the way. The city says any time there’s a chance of snow a crew is on standby. Drivers are still waiting to see if there will be an overnight shift tonight.

"Pretty much all of the motorists think they're the most important people on the street,” said Jiacomazzo. “They rarely yield they try to go around you, they either drive too slow or drive too fast or get very close behind you."

You would think that being inside a larger vehicle would be safer than a car, but one driver we asked said no way. The drive said snow plows are more likely to flip over and in the blizzard we had a few years ago, they couldn’t even see where the roads were. Compared to that, today wasn’t so bad.

The city of Rockford has declared a snow emergency so odd/even parking is in effect. Residents need to move their cars by 8:00 a.m.

Also, if you have an event tonight, call ahead. There’s a pretty good chance it’s been cancelled. For a complete list of cancellations, please check our website.

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