Chicken Wing Prices Soar in the Stateline

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Roger Gerloff said there's no question as to what he'll be eating while watching the Superbowl.

"Chicken wings!" said Gerloff. "Chicken wings! Are you kidding me? Right here, chicken wings! Can't go wrong."

Gerloff will join millions of Americans in devouring more than one billion wings over the weekend. However, Cronies Grill owner Tim Bent said wholesale prices for the fan favorite cost him almost double what they were in 2011.

"Last year it was demand," said Gerloff about the higher prices. "This year it's demand plus the drought that's caused the problem."

It cost Tim the same amount to buy five wings today as it would have been to buy ten wings in 2011.

Bent said he had to increase the price of his "All You Can Eat" special, and cut it from seven days a week to just two.

Customer Walter Stanton said he keeps coming back for the wings despite the changes.

"You know, he tries to do good by his customers," said Stanton. "But prices go up for him, he has to do what he has to do too."

Gerloff said he still comes into Cronies at least once a week, but would visit even more if the prices went back down.

"We're still supporting him," said Gerloff. "Hopefully it goes down. You know, you can't beat good wings."

Gerloff hopes to beat his all-time record of eating 63 wings in one sitting during the game tomorrow.

"I love my chicken wings!" he exclaimed. "They're great! I don't know what I'd do without them."

Luckily for Gerloff, he won't have to go without them any time soon.

Cronies Grill will be offering "All You Can Eat" chicken wings tomorrow for the Superbowl. Bendt said he's fully stocked with more than 4,800 wings for the weekend.

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