Cherry Valley President Says No to District 205 Referendum

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CHERRY VALLEY (WIFR) -- We've heard a lot of positives about District 205's bond referendum and for the first time Wednesday night, we're hearing arguments as to why we should vote no.

Cherry Valley President Jim Claeyssen expresses his concerns with District 205's master facilities plan in a letter to current superintendent Dr. Robert Willis. According to Claeyssen the plan would close Cherry Valley elementary school.

Claeyssen says Cherry Valley's sister school White Swan Elementary would expand in order to handle additional students. He is proposing a new community school which would serve the community's south east side. Brian Maschke lives down the street from Cherry Valley elementary and he says closing the school isn't a good idea.

"I don't think it's good for the community to be constantly shutting down schools and redistricting and bussing kids all over the place it doesn't save money at all. And plus the community people when they move into a community they like the local schools. This one is just a block away," said Maschke.

We reached out to the Better Schools Brighter Future committee for a statement, but they couldn't comment at this time. The referendum appears on the ballot on Tuesday.

**A copy of the letter from Cherry Valley President Jim Claeyssen to current superintendent Dr. Robert Willis can be found at the top of this story by clicking on Rockford School District Letter 10-31-2012**

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