Chief Epperson Selects First Commander for PPD

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Rockford Police Chief Chet Epperson announced today the first Commander of the new Geographic Police Pilot District (PPD). Lieutenant Douglas “Doug” Pann will have the rank of Assistant Deputy Chief and will act as the Commander of the first of three geographic policing districts with the job title of Commander of the PPD for District II. Lieutenant Pann’s change in rank will be effective Tuesday, December 11, 2012.

Commander Pann will immediately begin his work with the implementation of the Police Pilot District plan for District II which include placement of police personnel, the logistical plans for a new operation and the implementation of the community policing philosophy. Pann’s work in the development of District II is the first step forward for Rockford police operations, leading the department into the eventual decentralization of the current police structure.

Commander Pann was selected after all department personnel were offered an opportunity to apply for the newly created position. Several well-qualified members of the Rockford Police Department applied for appointment to the position of which five (5) individual were selected for the final interview after a vigorous assessment process.

The department has been studying and researching the process of police de-centralization along with numerous police department personnel participating in the Police Pilot District Committee. The committee published a Special Report in June of 2011 with specific recommendations which include personnel and operational issues for the Police Pilot District. “The Police Pilot District and eventual de-centralization of all police operations will bring enhanced efficiencies to our police service delivery and better connect our police – citizen relationships,” stated Chief Epperson. Commander Pann was instrumental in developing the final report on the PPD as well as contributing to the recent strategic plan for the Rockford Police Department.

Commander Pann has been a member of the department for 19 years, starting his work as a patrolman and serving in all supervisory and command positions – sergeant and lieutenant. Commander Pann is a graduate of Rock Valley College and Judson University, receiving a Master’s in Organizational Leadership. Commander Pann has attended several police supervisory and leadership sessions to include the Police Executive Role in the 21st Century and the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy. Commander Pann is an instructor in the Criminal Justice Departments of Rock Valley College and Judson University.

Mayor Morrissey summarized the City’s satisfaction with the choice for the leader of the first PPD. “I am very happy with the Chief’s selection of Commander Pann and with the department moving forward on our Geographic policing strategy. I look forward to finalizing our plans moving forward with the strategy in 2013.”
Both the PPD Report and the RPD Strategic Plan are available on the City of Rockford website:

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