Change to Plans for Amtrak Station

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – A much anticipated plan to bring Amtrak service to Rockford gets an extra $10 million from the state. That’s so the city’s station can be built sooner along South Main Street.

Initially the plan was to use an existing building along 7th Street for the first year of the service . It would have cost about $7 million to complete that building. State and city leaders want to save us that money and will instead use that $7 million plus an extra $15 million to build a platform on South Main Street.

When Amtrak service starts at the end of 2015, that site should house a platform. The full station is expected to be done by 2016.

You may remember Belvidere is one of the stops for Amtrak, Mayor Mike Chamberlain says the city plans to build a platform downtown. Construction should start in October.

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