Careers on Wheels for Middle Schoolers

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BELVIDERE (WIFR) – It’s never too soon for the next generation of Stateline College Students to start thinking about their future. That’s the goal behind Belvidere Central Middle School’s annual career day.

It’s called “Careers on Wheels” and hundreds of students got to interact with local firefighters, paramedics, construction workers, even farmers to find out what each of their jobs entails. Each class has been preparing questions all week, so if a student can’t make it to every booth today, they can get the answers from a classmate. The kids we talked to were excited to be taking part.

"I just think that its really cool that we're doing this, and it helps students think about what they're doing like for their career. Which I already though of mine, but its kind of just like a benefit to learn about other careers too,” said 8th grader, Becci Adair.

This is the seventh year for the Careers on Wheels program.

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