Car Burglaries: East and West Sides of Rockford Seeing Spikes

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Another warning tonight for those of us who park our cars outside as Rockford Police investigate a string of car break ins that happened on both sides of town.

The neighborhood near Kilburn and Ridgeway was hit hard last weekend. Five cars broken into all within a block and a half of each other all during a span of five hours. Only three days later... in this quiet neighborhood near rockford ave and east state street... thieves struck again... this time four cars broken into... in a span of two hours... and for some of the newer residents in the area... they are left taking extra precautions to feel safe.

"I got my phone always in my hands," says Blanca Orenday. "You know, if I see them or I see anything, [I'll] just go to the room and just call the cops."

Rockford Police are adding more patrols near Rockford Ave and East State Street, but also to combat home break ins.