Car Ad Wrap Offer a Scam

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BELVIDERE (WIFR) -- We've seen advertisements pop up on some of the most unique surfaces. And mobile ads are growing in popularity. But very rarely will a company contact you asking if they could pay you to drive around their ad.

Laura Harmon is hard up for cash. So when she received an email asking if Monster Energy could pay her to wrap her 98' Ford Escort in their ad, she thought, why not?

"I actually need new tires for my car so I was thinking I could use that $300 to help pay for it," she said.

An extra $300 bucks a month would be nice. Except Monster Energy doesn't offer that kind of program. Like so many good sounding scenarios, it was a scam.

"They said someone would come out here to put it on my car, I'd be getting a check for $2300, I'd keep the $300 and then forward the rest to their graphic artist. That didn't sound right to me," Harmon said.

Nope. Laura was smart and didn't deposit the phony check. Otherwise, she could have been out that money.

This scam is easy to fall for. The bogus company's email had Monster Energy in the name and used "Careerbuilder application" in the subject line. Laura had just applied for jobs through Careerbuilder, so she thought it was legit. A lot of people are on Careerbuilder, So this company could have easily been playing its odds.

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