Capron Rescue Squad Building Station 3

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CAPRON (WIFR) -- An agreement between Candlewick Lake Board of Trustees and the Capron Rescue Squad Board of Trustees was reached on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 to proceed with building an EMS station within Candlewick Lake.

The new building will be capable of housing 2 Advanced Life Support Ambulances and their crews. This will be the first building in Capron Rescue history that was built for the sole purpose of housing an EMS detachment. Once the final documents are approved and signed by each Board, construction on the facility will begin. The goal is to be running calls from the new station before the end of the year

The reason behind this expansion is a continuation of the planning by the Operations Staff and Board of Trustees at Capron Rescue to have crews and ALS ambulances stationed with 4 minutes of 70% of our residents. The addition of this station will provide decreased response times to the residents in Candlewick Lake, Timberlane and the southwest section of the District.

The Board of both Candlewick Lake and Capron Rescue are to be commended for the many hours of hard work and an unrelenting focus on bringing an increased level of EMS services to the southwest section of the Capron Rescue Squad District.

Capron Rescue was founded in 1957 in Capron IL and is the primary EMS provider in Northern Boone County. The District provides EMS services from the Mchenry county line to the Winnebago county line, from the Wisconsin state line to Orth Road. This encompasses an area of aprox 225 square miles. The Squad currently operates 3 Advanced Life Support Ambulances out of 2 stations, One located at 105 W Main Street Capron IL and 2 ambulances out of Station 2 located 15878 Poplar Grove Road just north of the Route 173-Poplar Grove Road junction.

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