Cancer Center at RMH Expanding

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- One of Rockford's hospitals will soon offer quicker treatments for those suffering from cancer and with less damaging side effects.

The cancer center at Rockford Memorial Hospital is about to get bigger. An expansion project is in the works for a new radiation treatment called the Tru-Beam Linear Accelerator coming next year. It's a piece of high-tech equipment that can zero in only on the cancerous cells, helping limit side effects.

"So it will allow us to actually provide radiation treaments to patients who have cancers and other diseases so that they can go back to leading productive lives," says Jacqui Kudzma, manager of RHS' cancer center.

Right now, patients usually get half-hour treatments every day for nearly a month. Using this equipment, people would now only need five treatments that last five or 10 minutes.

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