CUB Warns of "Cramming" Scam

STATELINE (WIFR) -- There's a new scam to look-out for. Turns out many cell phone users in Illinois may be paying much more than they should their monthly bill.

"Cramming" is when third-party companies add charges for services we never even ordered or received. The citizens utility board says the number of fraudulent fees showing up on cell phone bills has doubled in Illinois. "Crammers" gain access to our bills through text messages, downloaded ringtones and websites that offer "free" services.

"Maybe you get a text message and maybe you reply to it stop or unsubscribe, and somehow that's seen as an ok to add this charge to your bill,” said Jim Chilsen with the Citizens Utility Board.

To protect yourself, make sure you check your monthly bill for suspicious charges and ask your cell phone carrier if it offers any sort of free fraud protection

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