CUB Gives Advice on How to Lower Gas Bill

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STATELINE (WIFR) -- Many of us are just turning on our heaters for the first time this year and that means one thing: rising gas bills. However, an Illinois Advocacy group has some advice to making that switch a little less painful.

On average, Illinois Homes use 44% more energy than the average home nationwide. The Citizens Utility Board says we can bring that number down by lowering our thermostat to 68 in the day and 62 at night. If that sounds too chilly, you might consider calling Nicor or Com-Ed for a home audit to find out what else you can do to lower your bills.

“It's actually easier than you might think. So, energy efficiency doesn't require a major sacrifice or investments, most of the time it's about simple, mindful actions, so besides taking advantage of programs like these from the utilities, there's also third party companies that can help people save money.”

For more information, call 1-800-669-5556 or visit the CUB's website. In October, CUB is also offering an "Energy Smart" contest where participants answer a quiz question each week for a chance to win efficiency-themed prizes, including $100 off an energy bill and a free home audit. You can find this contest on CUB's Facebook page.

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