CAPA Students Create Winning Science Music Video

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- A group of sixth and seventh graders in District 205's Creative and Performing Arts program, known as CAPA, is feeling happy after singing their love for Science as part of a national contest.

"What makes me happy, I love to sing," says 11-year-old CAPA student Treasure Jones.

"A lot of my friends make me happy," says 12-year-old CAPA student Imani Clark.

Taking second place in a national contest also makes these CAPA students happy.

Jones says, "I didn't know we would come in 2nd place, I thought we would be like 28th place or something."

The sixth grade science class created a music video to the song "Happy" by Pharrell Williams except they re-wrote the lyrics to a theme.

"Why does science make you happy. And I knew my students would be totally up for it because really I see so much joy happening in this classroom," explains Vicci Gartner, the 6th grade CAPA science teacher.

Everyone had a role, from the student who sang to more technical jobs.

"I kind of helped with the camera, set it up kind of," says Clark.

Tramainee Holland helped choose the photos.

"We go into the computer and we have to pick out the pictures and put them into the storyboard, so what we do is we take the mouse, drag the pictures to the storyboard and it auto sets it," says Holland.

Most students starred in the video, smiling, dancing and of course doing experiments.

Clark says, "It's just fun to be a part of stuff like that, it's fun to entertain myself because it's school."

The science classes won a bi-binocular microscope from the contest through LabLearner, something students don't currently have at West Middle School.

To see the entire video, click the attached link.

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