C.A.P. Program Thriving in Rockford

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Protecting the public is the number on concern of the Rockford Police Department, but often, time on the streets is lost to time at the desk doing paperwork.

That’s where CAP comes in. It stands for Citizens Assisting Police. Rockford Police’s CAP program consists of 34 people who have volunteered over 15,000 since 2010, saving the force almost $350,000.
Alice Nichols is one of the CAP volunteers, having spent 1,300 hours since the start of the year doing free work for the department like calling crime victims and putting together the force’s newsletter.

"I love all these people here and they're very glad that I'm here, that any volunteers are here. All the volunteers here are essential because they take a load of stuff off the cops,” said Nichols.

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