UPDATE: Byron Woman's Serious Sewage Problem To Be Paid For By Donor

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UPDATE: BYRON (WIFR) -- The woman living without being able to flush her toilet or wash her clothes in Byron is getting help.

Kelly Dallman says soon after speaking with 23 News and speaking in front of a Byron City Council meeting a city businessman who wants to stay anonymous stepped up and offered to pay for what ever repairs she needs and do the work for her.

Dallman was facing the possibility of abandoning her home after repair costs for sewer lines leading from her home to the city's main line seemed to high.

Now Dallman says she sees the light at the end of the tunnel of uncertainty as all she has to do now is wait for the weather to warm up before the work on her sewer line begins.

"I'm elated," she said.

The businessman who is helping Dallman has also donated and delivered a portable bathroom to Dallman's home for her use until after the work on her sewage line is done.

BRYON (WIFR) -- A local woman says she hasn't been able to use the bathroom in her home for nearly a month. She's been begging the city for help with no success.

Kelly Dallman says experiencing problems with the sewage lines that lead from her house to the city's main sewage line in her neighborhood. Dallman says she's had this same problem before. In fact the same problem only with a different part of her sewage line that cost $3,000 to fix on the advice of the city.

"It's frustrating," says Dallman. "It's hard to live like this."

Now that the sewage is back Dallman is asking the city for help fixing the problem because the longtime Byron resident says the city failed to show her where her lines connect to the city's sewage line preventing her from properly fixing the problem the first time around.

"The city's ordinances are pretty clear," says Byron city attorney Clayton Lindsey, "...repairs and maintenance responsibilities for the service line from the residence all the way to the city's main is the responsibility of the home owner."

Dallman is hopeful Byron will work with her on coming up with a solution for her sewage problem but until then she has to walk to area restaurants and the public library when she wants to use a bathroom.

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