Byron Community Revitalization to Hold Community-Wide Raffle

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BYRON (WIFR) -- Byron Community Revitalization has launched the area’s first community-wide, long-term 50/50 raffle in an effort to increase funding for its community improvement efforts.

BCR Board President Jamie Buck said the 50/50 raffle, which began April 16, is patterned after the year-long raffle conducted annually in Amboy.“The Amboy raffle is probably the best known of these types of community-wide efforts in this area,” Buck said. “Last year, the Amboy raffle raised more than $100,000, with a single ticket purchaser winning half that amount.

“We don’t expect to do that well right out of the gates, but tickets are already selling really well, and we’re excited about the potential to raise funds for several projects.”The winning ticket of the first BCR Community Raffle will be drawn in conjunction with Byronfest, on July 12. If the raffle goes well, a second raffle will begin in the fall and the winning ticket will be drawn at BCR’s annual drawdown fundraiser in March, according to BCR Executive Director Betsy Floski.

“The board considered a year-long raffle but decided to start out a little smaller, to see how it goes,” Floski said. “If the community responds well to the idea, then the board will consider doing a longer raffle or adding other events to the raffle schedule, such as a ‘loser’ draw or an early draw for a specific charity. There are lots of options and when the ticket price is this low, everyone can join in on the fun.”

Tickets for the BCR Community Raffle will be $1 each. Winners do not need to be present at the drawing to win. Floski said the BCR board has voted to dedicate the proceeds to three main efforts: The organization’s Façade Improvement Grant Program for Byron-area businesses; the BCR “Initiative Scholarship” to a worthy Byron High School Senior; and to BCR’s “Community Giving” fund, which benefits the local food pantry, Operation Santa Claus and helps to support the Sunshine Park Farmer’s Market.

Tickets may be purchased from any BCR Board member, or at Curves of Byron, Dickerson-Nieman Realtors, ReMAX Professional Advantage, Berger Law Firm, Floski Law Office, LLC, or “ordered” by sending a private message on the Byron Community Revitalization Facebook page.

BCR is a community based not-for-profit that was established in 1999 with the goal of using proceeds from local fundraisers to pay for community improvement efforts. The organization’s most recent effort was a three-year fundraising project in which $12,500 was donated to Byron High School to help fund “Challenge Day”, a renowned anti-
bulling, self-esteem program for all freshman.

For more information about BCR or the Community Wide Raffle, contact Floski at 815.871.0859, or Buck at 815.985.9391.

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