Bustos Opens New Rockford Office

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Nationally, members of the US Senate pulled an all-nighter narrowly passing their first federal budget proposal in four years. However, there doesn't appear to be too much hope for compromise with the GOP-led House, which previously passed a competing budget that makes deep cuts to social programs.

Congresswoman Cheri Bustos says she's hoping both sides will compromise. She was in Rockford today to open her third new office on North Church Street.

Meantime, President Barack Obama is expected to work with both sides to see if there is an opportunity to reach a deal. You may remember, Mr. Obama has not yet released his budget for the coming year. That's expected in early April.

"Sequestration is harmful to a lot of people and it's taking that meat cleaver approach,” said Bustos, who represents Illinois's 17th Congressional District. “We should take a very systematic approach to thinking about where we could save money in the government."

We're told Bustos's office will be run by one of her staff members. She is expected to stop by periodically.

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