Business Forced to Wait While Rockford Council Review Liquor License Policies

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The Rockford city council decides to revamp its liquor license rules after a flood of applications for new permits.

Three business owners have liquor license applications before the city this in April, two have been waiting for at least a month, and it looks like they'll have to keep waiting until aldermen update the city's ordinance concerning liquor licenses. Any business owner who wants video gaming has to get one. The council discussed some concerns on Monday, including their reluctance to allow packaged liquor stores to start selling drinks just so the machines can be installed. Aldermen want to make sure their being consistent and clear with new business owners.

“We need to have them understand where the council's direction and thoughts are regarding these gaming parlors,” says 3rd Ward Alderman Doug Mark. “I think we want to be pretty across the board so there is an understanding and I think the city council needs to know so when we look at these things in the future, we know the path we've already started."

Aldermen are also on the fence about whether video gaming parlors should be required to have a full liquor license or just one for beer and wine. That's something they plan to discuss with the legal department before creating new rules.

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