Business Burglaries Rampant on Broadway Street

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Business owners on Broadway St. aren't happy. They say police are not giving them the time of day after break-ins.

Police say eight businesses have been burglarized since December, and while they're working all the cases, they have no suspects.

Rock City Fashion was broken into on Jan. 9th. The burglars broke in through back doors, and then through the ceiling. The business has resorted to putting bars on their doors, with multiple padlocks, fencing the back of the store, and drilling wood panels onto the front door every night. The thieves got away with $2500 in clothing.

The owner, Martin Diaz, says its become a necessary evil.

Police say most of the break-ins happen at night, through back doors. But other than that, there is no pattern.

Video surveillance taken at some of the properties, they say, is too low quality.

But the shop owners say they don't know what else to do. They file a police report - and wait. And nothing ever comes of it.

Police statistics show burglaries skyrocketed in Rockford during 2012.

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