Bus Service Changes Coming to Freeport

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STEPHENSON COUNTY (WIFR) – There could be some major bus changes coming to Freeport, including cheaper rides thanks to the city’s new county-wide bus service.

Administrators say as part of the expansion, they want to eventually offer free rides for senior citizens. The city’s current bus system will no longer be called Pretzel City Transit, once their contract with that agency expires in July. The city owns the Pretzel City buses, however administrators are in talks with other groups to offer county-wide bus service.

Transit Coordinator Kevin Cooley says the city will eventually need more bus drivers.

"We need drivers, we'll need as many drivers. we'll need more drivers, more dispatchers. absolutely we would love for everyone from Pretzel City Transit to try to be a part of this system, we want to consider them for that."

Cooley says he's encouraging all Pretzel City Transit drivers to apply with the city's new system, however there's no job guarantee.

City workers are trying to partner with the senior resource center, however no final decision has been made.

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