UPDATE: Stockton Infants Buried After 5 Years

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WINNEBAGO COUNTY (WIFR) – The two babies found in their mother Katie Stockton’s trunk in 2009 have been laid to rest today at Calvary Cemetery.

This comes after Winnebago County State’s Attorney Joe Bruscato gave the okay for the girls, named Gracie Lynn and Mariah Renee to be buried.

The county coroner has tested the remains since 2009 to determine if the girls were born alive and how they died however those tests were inconclusive. Their mom Katie Stockton is in prison serving a 50-year sentence.

UPDATE: The two infants found dead inside the trunk of Katie Stockton's car back in 2009 will be buried according to the Winnebago County Coroner.

A judge and the State's Attorney have given permission for the burial. The infants were discovered as police looked into the Baby Crystal case in 2009.

DNA testing proved the infant girls are Stockton's but investigators can't determine whether they were born alive. Testing shows they all have separate dads. Investigators were able to find only one of the fathers and he has since named his daughter Mariah Renee.

Family members have named the other baby Gracie Lynn Stockton. They will be buried next to their sister, Baby Crystal at Calvary Cemetery.

Stockton is currently serving 50 years in prison for the death of her infant daughter, dubbed Baby Crystal.

The service will be open to the public on Wednesday, June 11, 2014 at 11:00 a.m at Calvary Cemetery, 8616 W. State Road.

WINNEBAGO COUNTY (WIFR) -- Katie Stockton will soon be transferred to the Department of Corrections after spending the last five years in the Winnebago County Jail. That's for the murder of her daughter, Baby Crystal. It's still unclear whether Stockton will be charged for the deaths of her two other infants. It's a case that Winnebago County's Coroner says was by far her most difficult to investigate.

"She was 99 feet from her grandparents' home, from warmth, from where she could get love, and yet she was just thrown away like a piece of trash," says Winnebago County Coroner Sue Fiduccia.

That's something that's deeply disturbed Fiduccia ever since she started investigating the Baby Crystal murder in December 2004. She has the infant's funeral photo hanging in her office. A funeral, perfect strangers helped make happen.

"We gave her dignity, we gave her love. Baby Crystal was very much remembered, Baby Crystal was very much a person, and the community showed how much they loved her."

Fiduccia hopes to start helping make funeral arrangements for Katie Stockton's two other infants found dead in the trunk of her car. DNA evidence proves they're Stockton's daughters, but tests on whether they were born alive have been inconclusive. The State's Attorney filed a court order preventing their burial to allow time for technological advances. Fiduccia expects that order might be lifted soon now that Stockton has been sentenced.

"There is justice for Baby Crystal, but Baby Crystal is still dead, Baby Crystal died alone and froze to death and that had to have been a horrible death. So for Katie Stockton to be sentenced to 50 years, I think that's a wonderful sentence. I'm very pleased with the sentence.

The two infants found in Stockton's trunk have different dads. Investigators were able to find only one of them. He has since named his daughter Mariah Renee. Once the court order is lifted, Fiduccia says she'll contact him and Stockton's parents to determine how they want to proceed with a burial.

23 News requested interviews with Katie Stockton and her parents, but they declined.

From earlier...

WINNEBAGO COUNTY (WIFR) – The Winnebago County Coroner is trying to get a court order lifted that prevents her from helping arrange burial plans for the two infants found in the trunk of Katie Stockton’s car.

Stockton was sentenced Friday to 50 years in prison for the death of her infant daughter, dubbed Baby Crystal. Authorities found two other infants as they were investigating that case. DNA testing proved Stockton is their mom, but their bodies were too badly decomposed to determine whether they were born alive. Testing shows they all have separate dads. Coroner Sue Fiduccia says this has been the hardest case she’s ever investigated.

"It was very strange, it was emotionally very hard to realize this was finally after all of these years it was finally coming to a conclusion. that we do have justice for baby Crystal, we don't necessarily have justice for the two other babies, but you know what, fifty years... but you know what, 50 years is an awfully long time to serve,” said Fiduccia.

Fiduccia says the State’s Attorney wanted to hold off on burying the two infants in case newer technology helped determine whether they were born alive. She expects the order to be lifted now that sentencing is done. Once that happens, she’ll contact Stockton’s family to determine the best course of action.

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