Restaurants Falling Victim to Burglars in Freeport

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FREEPORT (WIFR) -- Freeport restaurant owners are left shaken and worried after a handful of burglaries throughout the city, causing hundreds of dollars in damages.

The Freeport Police Department told them they’re going to try and send a message to those burglars who have been hitting up local family owned restaurants over the last two weeks.

“When you get that call early in the morning that your building’s been broken into, obviously you wake up shaken,” says Rebecca Ugalde with Family Affair Café.

Ugalde’s family owns Family Affair Café, the most recent victims of a break in. A burglar busted a window to get inside but they didn’t get a way with much, just a few dollars from the restaurant’s Salvation Army Donation jar. Investigators say five family owned restaurants spread all throughout Freeport have been hit in the last two weeks, prompting the department to increase patrols in those areas and try and catch the burglars in the act.

“It’s kinda like your piece of mind is shaken. A lot of these people put their lives into their businesses and to have someone come in and destroy what they’ve worked for is disturbing.

Freeport Police say they’re still investigating each case working hard to figure out who exactly committed each case and are working hard to figure out who exactly committed the crimes so they can bring them to justice.

Investigators tell us so far, thieves are actually costing the businesses more in damages than what’s actually stolen.

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