Burger King Fire in Belvidere

BELVIDERE (WIFR) -- The Belvidere Burger King off U.S. 20 that went up in flames last night could soon be demolished. Owners and community members say they are devastated by the loss.

It's an odd combination, shattered glass, creamer and tomatoes, but that's what covers the ground at the Belvidere Burger King. Boards now cover the holes where windows were destroyed during Tuesday night's fire, a blaze that sparked in the kitchen. "It’s a catastrophe," said customer Jackie Day. Day has lived near the Burger King for ten years, and would go to the restaurant almost every day. In fact, she was at BK about a half hour before the fire started.

"Next thing I know, I got a telephone call, I just brought some hamburgers back and my friend left and she called me and said Burger King was on fire and I said 'What?,” said Day.

Denise Turner says she's shocked. Her son used to work at Burger King.

25 people worked at the Belvidere Burger King, some of whom ran this drive thru, but we're told most of them will likely get jobs at other Stateline Burger Kings.

The contractor boarding up, is the same company that built this facility, that started as a Hardy's back in 1986.

"It's devastating that's for sure and it seems like it went down fast,” said Rusty Puhl, owner of Midwest Construction
There's concern that the roof could collapse, which means that more of it could come down.

Construction crews are now fencing off the area and once they get word from the insurance company they will tear down what's left.
The owner says they would like to rebuild, especially since the other Burger King in Belvidere closed a few years ago. They say they'll have to see what happens.

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