School Bullying Facebook Post Goes Viral

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LOVES PARK (WIFR) -- We share what some would consider extreme cases of bullying from time to time and this story is another example, and one that's gone viral on Facebook. It's also sparking other bullying victims to come forward.

Nine-year-old Payten Brown has physical reminders of being bullied by classmates at Rock Cut Elementary School; he has a bite mark, bruises and scratches.

He says two students, "Came up behind me and jumped and choked me."

Tuesday's incident doesn't appear to be the first. Payten says he's been bullied all year.

"(Students) pushed me down and gave other students ice blocks and they slammed it on my head and threw it in my eye," says Brown.

Payten's mother, Carmen Divan, says she's met with leaders from her son's school at least five times to address the bullying, she says nothing has been done.

"At the next meeting the principal informed me the school year was almost over and the kids were just antsy," explains Divan.

As a last resort, Divan took to Facebook, posting photos of her son's injuries and informing the public about the bullying problem. Her post has gotten more than 700 shares.

Divan's post is linking people to another Facebook page called 'Bullying at RockCut Elementary and Harlem School District.' It already has more than 100 members and dozens of comments in less than 24 hours. Parents are posting how their kids have been bullied. Divan hopes the page will help administrators realize that other kids are facing the same type of problems.

"Maybe the superintendent can get on that page and see exactly what's going on in their school district and something good could come of all this," says Divan.

The school district says it is investigating the issue. Divan has a meeting with the superintendent next Wednesday. She says she won't send Payten back to Rock Cut until then, because she doesn't believe he is safe at school.

Divan says she requested to have a meeting with the parents of the other students inovlved, to figure everything out, but she says that request was denied. She also called police but Divan says she was told they can't do much since the kids involved are minors.

Payten could also face some disciplinary action since he made contact with students when his mom says he was just defending himself.

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